About us


Covert Comedy is an off shoot of Just the Tonic Comedy Club. We have started it to provide us the opportunity of putting on shows in smaller venues or with different types of acts. As Just the TRonic has grown we have found it increasingly hard to get to see and book some of the newer or more alternative acts. Covert Comedy allows us to do this. Without the pressure of a 'Saturday Night audience'. On Coverty nights you will see established acts and some newer acts. it'll be fun, it'll be cheaper. It'll be a right old laugh!

Who are Just The Tonic?

Just the Tonic is a well-established and renowned Comedy Promoter and Comedy Club Operator in the UK. The brain-child of Darrell Martin, himself a Comedian (doesn't really bother anymore) and Comedy Guru, Just the Tonic has built a reputation for working with the best names in comedy and has a long association with the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival, in the past having offered today’s big names a chance to perform in Edinburgh before they were the stars we know today. Sarah Millican, Jason Manford and Jon Richardson are amongst the comedy A-List that Just the Tonic took to the festival in years gone by.

In the past few months Just the Tonic have worked with stars such as Johnny Vegas, Tom Stade, Reginald D Hunter, Milton Jones, Nina Conti, Simon Brodkin (Lee Nelson), Daniel Kitson blah de blah de blah!